Roblox Studio

You can download and install Roblox Studio at

Once you have Roblox Studio installed, open it and you'll be presented with options to create new games or edit your existing ones. Roblox Studio is updated often and you'll notice it updating at least once a week.


Roblox gives you a number of templates to choose from. At the moment, the following templates are available:

  • Baseplate

  • Classic Baseplate

  • Flat Terrain

  • Village

  • Castle

  • Suburban

  • Racing

  • Pirate Island

  • Western

  • City

  • Obby

  • Starting Place

  • Line Runner

  • Capture the Flag

  • Team/FFA Arena

  • Combat

  • Move It Simulator

  • Mansion of Wonder

Open File

You can also open Roblox Studio files by clicking on File and then Open from File.

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